INGAIGE INSPIRE provides an automated “end to end” retention and engagement solution creating a personal connection with ALL your members that builds lasting loyalty.

Fitness & Wellness Organizations

Key Features.

With INGAIGE INSPIRE you’ll build a clientele that is passionate about your business . . .

  • Personalized attention to every member that inspires, motivates and educates
  • Keep your members engaged when they are not in the club
  • Predicts attrition and member behavior and then prioritizes those members through a personalized digital engagement suite to transform them into lifelong members
  • Provides cutting edge video-based wellness, mindfulness and nutrition information to win the hearts and minds of your members
  • All under your club branding and without you lifting a finger
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This model is proven to influence behavior and increases utilization. We easily integrate with any CRM and no technology expertise is required. The ROI is proven with as little as a 1% reduction in attrition.

Benefits for Members.

We don’t just monitor and report, we impact behavior by becoming a partner and supporter in your members day to day lifestyle on a personal basis. We offer Gym Members:

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No App required.

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Personalized digital interaction (i.e. personal attendance calendar, specific engagement by demographics, length of membership, risk of attrition, interests…)

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Tools to follow healthy patterns

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An overall wellness platform including nutrition and stress, and sleep management

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Ability to share their goals and experience with the club

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Engage with the club on their terms, email, text, Facebook, etc.

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Member historical and real-time data collected into platform and constantly being updated through engagement

Data Science

IngAIge AI and data to predict member risk & engagement segmentation

Behavioral Science

Apply targeted behavioral based messaging to content

Engagement Technology

2 way interactive personalized omnichannel engagement

“We have enhanced the relationship with our Members, and they are coming more! They love the personalized content! It is great for our budget and best of all they do all the work!”

Development and Marketing Manager

“From my perspective It’s a great tool. Clubs don’t have the resources both in content or personal to only focus on the psychology and behavior.”

Director of Health and Wellness, YMCA Greenfield, MA

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