INGAIGE CARE optimizes wellness through virtual monitoring, positive reinforcement and targeted guidance, while reducing cost of care.

Health Care Market

Key Features.

This compliance and recovery engagement tool . . .

  • Provides guidance and monitoring between visits including patient feedback
  • Maximizes patient compliance while increasing outcomes
  • Leverages (AI) for better patient understanding
  • Applies behavioral science component to messaging for personalized communication and higher interaction
  • Employs multi-channel engagement of biometric, motivational, interactive and recovery “homework” between visits
  • Tracks, monitors, responds and intervenes as necessary
  • Provides meaningful insight for therapist for more productive visit
IngAIge Care infographic with text description below IngAIge Care infographic with text description below


2-way interactive personalized omnichannel engagement.


Ingaige AI and data to monitor and predict compliance risk and engagement segmentation.


Apply targeted behavioral based messaging to content and intervene if necessary.


Provide better outcomes.

INGAIGE CARE helps Clinics.

  • Providing a digital channel for Clinic developed compliance content.
  • Optimizing patient care without adding Therapist resources or time.
  • Data captured helps the practice improve quality of care
  • Promotes patient self-management and action plan adherence.
  • Make better use of session time because both the patient and therapist know where they are at the beginning of each session.
IngAIge Care helps clinics

INGAIGE CARE helps Patients.

  • Get “Clinic Specific” content as well as general wellness content on demand.
  • Feel less anxious about recovery because they know they have consistent interaction.
  • Develop accountability by knowing what they are expected to do between visits.
  • Be in charge of their own care making them more responsible.
IngAIge Care helps patients

Transforming Wellness.

“The ability to monitor my patient's mood and pain in between sessions is a game changer for my practice”

Stanford University School of Medicine

“My patients love the fact they have a personal therapist in their back pocket when ever they need me”

LPC & Founder of 4Directions Counseling

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